Welcome to the formative years.

Here at the J, we believe it’s never too early to get involved! Our youngest community members are the heart of our center, and we love offering programs that help accelerate their J journeys.

Infant Classes (0-6 months)

Baby Café

In partnership with: Michad Family 

Baby Café is a welcoming, drop-in community for new parents, whether they are currently nursing, bottle feeding, or simply seeking a supportive space. This informal gathering offers professional lactation care and intervention as needed with opportunity for weighted feeds. Baby Cafés serve as both support groups and social hubs. Parents can connect, share experiences, and enjoy the company of fellow new moms in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It’s a space designed to foster connections and provide a sense of community for various stages of new parenthood.

At the JCC Denver, we expand on the Baby Café model and provide additional local specialists to discuss topics that help in the early days of parenting.

Topics covered include adjusting to parenthood, nutrition, babywearing, sleep and routines, formula and breastfeeding, back to work, vision board creating, childcare, work/life balance, and more. Plenty of time devoted to answering your questions each week. We provide breastfeeding pillows.

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Upcoming Dates
Every Wednesday from 10:00 – 11:30 am

JCC Denver
350 S. Dahlia Street
Denver, CO 80246


Baby Classes (6-18 months)

Toddler Classes (18 months – 3 years)

Preschool Classes (3-6 years old)

“Our family loves the art classes at the JCC! Our daughter started in the Artistic Babes class and continued with Artistic Tots, because she loved getting messy and playing with all of the different supplies, materials, and colors. We enjoyed bringing home her “artwork” and even framed one of the pieces for her playroom. The teachers are patient, kind, and engaging. I would highly recommend the Artistic Babes/Tots classes!”


“The toddler art class was a wonderful experience for my family! My 2 year old loved trying out the wide range or materials and ideas that we would never have been able to replicate at home. Plus she could make a mess and I didn’t have to clean up! Even my 4 year old who normally has little interest in anything artistic was able to discover projects that sparked his creativity. We can’t wait to return!”