Training our next generation.

Our Junior Tennis Academy provides multiple sessions for children ages 4-15 and of varying skill levels. Your child will learn and develop their tennis skills alongside seasoned tennis pros and other students of their age and skill level. Tennis is the game of a lifetime and no J journey is complete without taking part in our stellar Junior Tennis Academy.

Today: Junior Tennis Academy. Tomorrow? Wimbledon.

Junior Tennis Academy

Red and Orange Ball (Ages 7 – 10)

Red ball classes are designed for young kids just getting started in tennis. The over-sized red ball, smaller court and lower net are perfect for learning the basics of the game. Orange ball classes range from beginner to advanced and will be played on a 60’ court using softer balls. Lessons focus on Agility, Balance, and Coordination along with movement, scoring and stroke production.

Green Ball (Ages 11 – 12)

These classes range from beginner to advanced and will be played on a full-size court of 78’ using a softer ball than the adult version. Players will continue to build the basic skills needed to develop their game. Lessons will incorporate dynamic movement, technical instruction, point play, and match play fundamentals.

Yellow Ball (Ages 13 – 18)

Classes range from beginner to advanced and will prepare players for competitive play. Practices will continue to work on stroke production and match play strategies and include footwork and fitness.

Elite Jr. Tennis Academy (Ages 13 – 18)

Gerald Davis, aka Coach G, will provide tactical and technical instruction, as well as footwork, conditioning and mental toughness while incorporating speed and agility training. Focus will be on point play and small improvements with big rewards on the court. TOURNAMENT EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED.

JCC Tennis Camps

Serve, Snack, and Splash Red Ball Camp

Ages 4 – 8
Registration opens January 8, 2024. See you next year!

Junior Camps

Orange Ball Summer Camp

Ages 7 – 10

Green Ball Summer Camp

Ages 10 – 12

Yellow Ball Summer Camp

Ages 12 — 15

Discover Summer with the J