The annual Denver Jewish Film Festival (DJFF) presents the best and brightest cinematic moments from newly-released Israeli and Jewish cinema. With more than two dozen captivating screenings, the JCC Mizel Arts and Culture Center uses the power of cinema to entertain, challenge, and educate our diverse audiences of theater lovers.

DJFF affords movie-goers the opportunity to see Jewish films that are not readily available in theaters and to regularly enjoy post-film “talk backs” that allow our patrons the opportunity to unpack the various scintillating yet often challenging themes that surface as part of the DJFF viewing experience. The high quality of the films and the Jewish themes seem to create a greater sense of community and lift the human experience in a way no other medium does.

Information on the 2021 Film Festival coming soon!

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From Filmmaker Q&A’s to Lunch and Learn’s, you won’t want to miss out on the monthly offerings brought to you by the Denver Jewish Film Festival.

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“DJFF brings the kind of films I don’t often have the opportunity to see, so they’re a novelty. Plus, they have a Jewish theme which I can always identify with.”

2017 DJFF Festival Attendee