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A new journey begins here.

We are each on our own, distinct journey. That journey has many different milestones along the way, each that change the course of your path. There is no more rewarding milestone than that of childbirth and starting or growing your family. No matter where you were on your journey before, the JCC connects paths and brings new and growing families together through our family program offerings – starting with our flagship program, Jewish Baby University.

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The Pillars of JBU


“It takes a village!” Being equipped to raise your child means more than having the right gear. It means creating a community of support and resources to guide you along your parenting path. During this course you’ll discover an emotional support system, create lasting friendships and become connected to the Jewish community in Denver and all it has to offer.


Bringing a child into the world is often a time to reflect on who you are, what are your core values and how do you want to create a Jewish home for your child? JBU will encourage you to explore ways you can create meaningful Jewish traditions for your family, as well as discuss the rituals and beliefs surrounding childbirth and parenting.


The nuts and bolts of childbirth! The Prepared Childbirth series focuses on three important aspects of the birthing experience: educating birth parents about labor and delivery; breathing and relaxation; and preparing the birth partner to help and offer moral support. Veteran parents will also join the group to share their experiences and answer questions.

Pre/Postnatal Yoga Workshop with Erin Floyd

This unique class is to benefit both pregnant and postpartum women. It is not just a great opportunity to connect to your breath and prepare your body for pregnancy, birth, and after-birth care, but also a wonderful way to make other mom friends.  Through building a support system for yourself, you will leave validated, understood, and supported. Feel empowered to take an active role in your pregnancy and postpartum body; in this class, you’ll learn poses that will help in labor, poses to combat the rounded sore shoulders that come with snuggling your newborn, and the stiff back that accompanies the ‘mom-hip.’  You’ll build strength and confidence in your new body and help combat fatigue. You will leave class feeling positive, relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the day!
Please check with your doctor to make sure you are cleared for yoga and exercise during your pregnancy and after birth.

Please check with your doctor to make sure you are cleared for yoga and exercise during your pregnancy and after birth.

Day: Sundays

Time: 9:30 – 10:30 am

Duration: 6-weeks

Location: JCC Denver Yoga Studio

Cost: $140 for members / $200 for non-members

Limit of 15 participants

Teacher: Erin Floyd

Sign up on MindBody or email or call Ben Davis at 303-316-6355


“The best part of JBU for us was not what we learned but the friendships and support system we made. Those were life-changing in the early days of postpartum and have continued to be paramount to our parenting now. Baby cafe was also an integral part of my postpartum journey. I credit it with helping my overall mental health as I had a supportive place to go each week, had a sense of community, and felt less alone. It gave me hope about the difficult parts of breastfeeding and provided me a space to further foster friendships made through JBU.”
2022 Jewish Baby University Participant

Jewish Baby University FAQs

Currently, classes are offered four times a year.

Class numbers have ranged from four expecting families to 20! Our average class size is eight expecting families.

Give us a call to discuss! Typically you take your childbirth class in your third trimester. Most expectant parents are due within 1-3 months of their last class. Spacing the classes this way ensures that you will be on maternity leave at roughly the same time as your classmates!

Not at all! We have many interfaith families go through JBU, and have never heard that it made anyone uncomfortable. We work with Judaic instructors who are incredibly open and inclusive. Their method of teaching does not assume that you come to the class with any amount of Jewish knowledge. Instead, they educate, and help facilitate discussions to help you determine how you would like to foster a Jewish home, and raise your child.

If you know based on your schedule that you will have to miss one of the classes, please take the time to discuss this with us! We have a few options for how you can “make up” a class. If your partner can’t make it to a class, but you can, you should definitely still plan to attend. We welcome you to invite a friend or family member to the class instead.

Yes! This course is for all types of family structures. The curriculum is incredibly valuable and relevant, no matter your family set-up. We’re also willing to adapt our curriculum to meet the needs of the families attending each class. Most importantly, we hope to help you build a network of support, and find friends you can lean on and raise your child with.

JBU is an all-encompassing prenatal class that should pave the way for you to begin your parenting journey with confidence. The childbirth portion we offer is your “basic” labor and delivery curriculum. You would only need to sign up for additional classes if you were interested in a particular method of childbirth (for example hypnobirthing, water birth, etc.).

We offer an overview of CPR in our Baby Safe class. If you are interested in a more in-depth training, you can sign up for a CPR Certification course (typically a six-hour class).

We now also offer a breastfeeding add-on class, contact us to learn more. Once your baby has arrived, there are lots of wonderful lactation support groups you can join.

Let us know if you need resources!