Making the Difference

We are so grateful for the support of our organizational partners and donors, who are committed to the J Journey, and our communities. Together, we are helping make a difference in the lives of so many. With the help of our sponsors, continues to fulfill our mission of supporting our community.

JCC Supporting Partners

JCC Mizel Arts and Culture Center
Supporting Partners

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Visionaries for the J

Visionaries of the J build the future of the J through capital and directed giving starting at the $50,000 level. These supporters see the potential and opportunity for the long term viability of the J – we thank them for helping us build the future!

Jill and Stuart Bombel
The Chotin Foundation
Shana Glassman Foundation
Jay & Rose Phillips Family Foundation
Zellis Family Foundation

Champions for the J

Champions for the J are a group of like-minded individuals who are focused on lifting up the J and ensuring both its stability and growth by supporting all programs through significant, mission-impacting gifts starting at $10,000. We thank them for supporting our community-based programs!

Kehila/Community ($50,000+)

The B6 Fund
Jill & Stuart Bombel
Bonfils Stanton Foundation
The Chotin Foundation, Robin Chotin and Family
Colorado Creative Industries
Colorado Department of Human Services
The Goldrich Family Foundation
Harold Grinspoon Foundation
Evi & Evan Makovsky
Wendy & Ed Nekritz
Kathy Neustadt
Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation
Rose Community Foundation
Strear Family Foundation
Sturm Family Foundation

Haklalla/Inclusion ($36,000+)

Toni & Mike Kboudi
Singer Family Foundation

Gemilut/Kindness ($25,000+)

Bonfils Stanton Foundation
The Denver Post Season To Share campaign presented by Denver Active 20-30 Children’s Foundation
Elaine Gantz Berman & Stephen Berman/Jack and Sarita Gantz Foundation
Shannon Gifford & Jerry Glick
Thorey & Barry Goldstein
Jacqueline Leafer Foundation
Dottie Neustadt, Wal-Dot Foundation
Catherine & Doug Pluss
Michele & Richard Right and Katzson Brothers, Inc – Sidney T. and Bertha Katzson Foundation
Rose Medical Center

Kavod/Respect ($18,000+)

Black Creek Group – Mehgan and Evan Zucker
Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation
Lisa & Rich Cohn
Kathy & Rob Klugman
Sam Price Family Foundation
Nancy Reichman & Charlie Gwirtsman
Jane E Rosenbaum
Michael Staenberg
Pegi & Michael Touff
The Melvin & Elaine Wolf Foundation

Osher/Well Being ($10,000+)

Sue & Harvey Allon
Argonaut Liquors
BusinessDen LLC
Goldie & Joel Cohen
Goodspeed Merrill
Daniel Gralla
Kendra & Jason Harrison
The Herm Family
Hyder Construction
Israeli Investment Advisors
Susan Krems
Cindy Long & Jason Sindler
The Lusher, McQuade and Curtiss-Lusher Families
Essie Perlmutter & Family
Urban Ventures, LLC
Westside Investment Partners, Inc.

Grantors for the J


Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation
Rose Community Foundation

$18,000 – $35,999

Bonfils Stanton
The Denver Post Season To Share campaign presented by Denver Active 20-30 Children’s Foundation
Clarence V. LaGuardia
Jacqueline Leafer Foundation

$10,000 – $17,999

The Melvin and Elaine Wolf Foundation

$1,000- $9,999

Colorado Creative Industries
Colorado Dept of Human Services
Harold Grinspoon Foundation

Legacy Donors

Nancy Alterman
Jodi Asarch
Elise and Brian Barish
Samantha and Robert Baumgarten
Michelle and Randy Brunschwig
Evelyn and Morey Cohen
Gay and Barry Curtiss-Lusher
Vicki and David Dansky
Ron Ekstrand
Meredith and Steve Friedman
Lorna Gray
Shana and David Jacobs
Stephanie and Frank Jacobson Family
Pamela Kalinowski
Toni and Michael Kboudi
Lara and Frank Knuettel
Susan and Lawrence Kopf
Mary Lou and Don Kortz
Connie and Gary Levine
Betsy Mordecai-Heyman and Gareth Heyman
Elisa Robyn
Roslyn and Michael Rudnick
Bennett Streltzer
Samantha and Russell Walsh
Bobbie and Glen Zelkind