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Our Center has recreational sports opportunities for members of all ages. Our leagues are a great way to be active, social, and to play a sport you love. Stop by, play a game or two of basketball, and develop lasting friendships. Our leagues provide the perfect supportive environment to strengthen your athleticism and sportsmanship. Come play today!

Available Leagues:

Men’s Recreational Basketball Leauge

JCC Men’s basketball league is back! Get ready for an action-filled Tuesday evening! This recreation league is for players 18 years of age and up. Games 4v4 and teams of 4-8 players are self-formed.

Games at 7:00 pm & 8:00 pm
$650/Team registered with a JCC Fitness member
League Dates:

  • January 4 – Practice and League Meeting
  • January 11 – League Play
  • January 18 – League Play
  • January 25 – League Play
  • February 1 – League Play
  • February 8 – League Play
  • February 15 – League Play
  • February 22 – League Play
  • March 1 – League Play
  • March 8 – Semi-Finals, 7:00 – 9:00 pm
  • March 13 – (Sunday) Finals, Time TBD

For questions contact Daniel Siegel.

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Basketball League Policies

Cancellation and Refunds 

In the event that a league or series is cancelled in full due to lack of teams or other logistic issues, a full refund will be provided to participants.  

There are no refunds related to COVID closures. In the case of a COVID-related cancellation, league organizers will attempt to reschedule gameplay as best as possible.  

No refunds will be provided once the league play begins.  

Cancellations made more than 30 days out of the start of the league are refunded in full with the exception of a $100 administration fee.  

Refunds owed from the JCC will be issued 10-14 business days from the date the refund was issued.  The day count begins the day you are alerted your refund has been approved.   

No Shows and Forfeits  

Each team is responsible for ensure their teammates are present and on time for gameplay. At minimum, each team must have 4 players present to participate in gameplay.  

Roster Additions 

Roster additions can be made at any time during the duration of the league. All additional players will be required to submit contact information and sign a participation waiver prior to the start of game play.  

Player Misconduct 

If a league player is engaging in disruptive behavior to other players, spectators, referees, employees, or JCC patrons this player me be asked to leave for the day or for the duration of the league at the determination of league organizer.  

Weather Cancellation 

Should the JCC be closed for any weather-related issues, the league organizer will reschedule missed games to the best availability of officials, space, and team members. We will do our absolute best to reschedule, however, we cannot make any guarantee that space or officials will be available to reschedule game play.  


Each team is responsible for providing scorekeepers according to the schedule provided by the league organizers. Teams will not be required to provide scorekeeping while they are playing. Scorekeepers can be team members, family members, or other spectators. 




Basketball League FAQs 

Who are the referees?  

The JCC works with a trusted company to provide professional officials to make sure that gameplay is fair and safe.  

Are spectators allowed? 

Sure! Spectators will need to sign a liability waiver, will be expected to not disrupt gameplay, and are responsible for their own safety. Unless the spectator is a JCC Fitness member, spectators will not be allowed to access the fitness facility. Please note that the area to spectate games at the JCC gymnasium is somewhat small.  

Why only 4v4 and not a full 5v5? 

In order to get more game play in a league, we are splitting the gymnasium into two courts. These courts end up being slightly smaller than a regulation court.  

Why is there a meeting before the start of the league?  

We want to make sure we can put names to faces and that all teams understand the league logistics, policies, and player conduct. These meeting are designed to keep communication open and to maximize fun during league play.