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A Community within a Community

Working at the JCC offers one the chance to be part of a dynamic and growing professional family that is rooted in Jewish tradition and exists to serve the greater community. From our highly selective recruiting and hiring practices to the competitive benefits package we offer to our employees, we work hard to ensure that our staff is composed of the most qualified and passionate individuals for the job.

The JCC offers a wide variety of programs and activities for people of all ages and we are always looking for great candidates in numerous fields. We are dedicated to the principles of equal employment opportunity for all.


Administration, Accounting, Arts, Camps, Community, and Teachers 


Fitness & Aquatics Center

Jobs Vac


JCC offers generous
annual time off for
you to enjoy.

Jobs Family

Family leave

At the JCC we recognize the importance of family. We offer family leave options, as well as family medical care leave.
Jobs Health


We are dedicated to helping our employees live longer and healthier lives.
Jobs Jpass

J Membership

At the JCC we include
our J membership to all
our employees.

Jobs k


JCC cares about your retirement! We offer programs to help our employees plan for their retirement needs.
Jobs hooidays


The JCC offers both federal and Jewish holidays, to spend time with your family.