Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, 15-year-old Sophia Yannarella has attended Wolf Theatre Academy summer camps for the last two years.

Extremely talented in the art of Technical Theatre, Sophia has been able to cross off several bucket list items during her time at the Mizel Arts and Culture Center.

One of her favorite Summer Bucket List items to accomplish was becoming the Prop Master for the Wolf Theatre Academy mainstage shows over the summer. She was in charge of designing and tracking down all props needed for production, as well as making sure they were kept safe throughout the run of the show. Sophia was able to enter ninth grade with an increased sense of responsibility after spending her summer taking care of a project near and dear to her heart.

Sophia Yannarella

Remarkably, Sophia was able to scratch off yet another bucket list item in 2017–the opportunity to make new friends. She was able to help them with their projects and she gained knowledge and valuable insight into what it takes to put on a successful show.

A favorite memory from Sophia’s 2017 summer experience took place on the first day of tech for a mainstage show. “My new friends ran up and hugged me” and after, they were able to share their support for one another as a creative team.

When asked what made her summers at the MACC so rewarding, the answer was easy: “Meeting so many new people and learning new and different things.”

Sophia was able to develop her professional skills by completing tasks on her Summer Bucket List and she was able to work alongside children with similar interests in order to develop meaningful friendships.

In 2018, Sophia looks forward to expanding her experience within the Technical Theatre world and befriending new students.

You’re unstoppable, Sophia!