A Win for Ranch Camp

As the last flicker of Hanukkah candles fades away, I can’t help but marvel at the warmth and glow that filled our community, as well as the outpour of love and support I received with my transition from Assistant Director to Director. Your enthusiasm has been like the Hanukkah lights – a beacon of hope and encouragement for what the future holds for Ranch Camp. 

In Judaism, light symbolizes hope, much like the potential waiting to be uncovered in every child at Ranch Camp. Our camp nurtures inner flames, fostering community and lifelong connections. We see the spark in every child, ready to ignite into something extraordinary.  

Research has shown that camp experiences contribute to the development of resilient, compassionate, and confident individuals. According to a report from the Foundation for Jewish Camp, “A summer at overnight camp… is an experience in living as part of a community. [Campers and counselors] grow together, learn about themselves, and acquire new skills of self-reliance and peer interdependence.” By enrolling your child at Ranch Camp, you’re investing in the lasting impact that a summer in nature can have on their personal growth. 

The same report also emphasizes that, “the bonding experience of camp not only builds a long-lasting taste and yearning for community; it also creates habits of Jewish practice. It makes Judaism part and parcel of life’s most joyous moments.”  

At camp, we lay the groundwork for kids to become actively engaged as Jewish leaders in their communities, well into adulthood. Ranch Camp is a step towards ensuring a future where our campers actively contribute to and find joy and pride in their broader Jewish community. 

As we bid farewell to the Festival of Lights, let’s usher in the promise of bright futures. We’re thrilled to share that thanks to a few incredible, anonymous donors, we’re set up to raise $100,000 for Ranch Camp that will make an enormous impact for us in 2024. Although we’ve already secured $50,000 through matching and challenge gifts, another donor has graciously stepped forward, offering an additional $25,000 if we can match it by the end of the year. As of today, we’ve already secured $6,800 of the final $25,000. We need your help! 

As a cherished member of the Ranch Camp community, we invite you to spread the word about this incredible opportunity—with other parents, family, friends, and alumni. Together, please help us raise the remaining $18,200 needed to unlock this generous match. Every donation makes a difference. 

Click here to donate: https://www.jccdenver.org/donate 

Your support lights the way to bright futures for our kids. Thank you for being a crucial part of the Ranch Camp family and magic of Jewish Summer Camp. 

With gratitude, 

Katelyn Skeen
Ranch Camp Director