Our Colorado summer has arrived and the outdoor pool at the J is open! We’re looking forward to spending the next few months relaxing by the pool—but first, we wanted to share our top 10 pool safety tips with you to ensure everyone has a safe, fun-filled summer.


1. Keep an eye on your kiddos.

Watch your child or children in the pool and never leave them unattended. Avoid poolside chats and talking on the phone, and if possible, swim with your kids!

2. Make sure your kids know how to swim.

We offer a wide array of swim lessons throughout the summer if you or your children need a refresher. If you’re looking for more personalized instruction, offer private lessons for people of all ages and skill levels.


3. Hydrate!

It’s easy to forget to drink water when you’re swimming all day, but staying hydrated, especially during the summer, is extremely important! Drink plenty of fluids to replenish the body hydration levels. Water, Gatorade, and other beverages are available at the Snack Shack.


4. Schedule breaks!

Pool days are fun, but all that time in the sun can be exhausting. Scheduling short breaks every hour and a half or two hours is a great way to give your little ones a break from swimming and a chance to use the restroom. Plus, you can reapply sunscreen and make sure everyone is hydrated.


5. Never swim alone.

Swimming is safer and more fun with a buddy. Children 12 and older may come to the pool alone if they have passed a swim test.

6. Stay in safe areas.

Make sure your child does not play or swim near drains or suction outlets, especially in spas and shallow pools.


7. Protect your skin!

Re-apply sunscreen every two hours, and give it 30 minutes to soak in before you hop back in the water.


8. Don’t run on the pool deck. 

The pool deck is more slippery than it looks, so make sure to walk!


9. Keep an eye out for lightning.

Swimming during a storm is a serious safety hazard. If lightning is seen or thunder is heard, we’re required to ask everyone to clean up your belongings and head inside until the lighting and thunder pass. Activities will resume 30 minutes after the last lightning sighting or sound or thunder.

10. Keep it clean this summer.

To keep our pools safe and squeaky clean, we ask that you do the following:

  • If you have or have had gastrointestinal issues within 24 hours, don’t swim! These types of bugs are extremely contagious, and can even survive in chlorinated water. To be safe, avoid the pool for at least one day.
  • Rinse off in the shower before and after using the pool
  • Don’t swallow pool water
  • Change dirty diapers in the bathroom or diaper-changing area, NOT POOLSIDE!