Helping grandparents and grandparents-to-be learn ways to support your children in becoming parents for the first time, while passing on Jewish family values and traditions.

Did you know that more grandparents than ever are playing an active, almost daily role in the lives of their grandchildren? This is uncharted territory, as the baby boomers are a new generation of grandparents who can actively engage with their grandchildren in many ways that previous generations could not. Set the groundwork for an incredible relationship with your children and their little ones by joining us for an open discussion in Jewish Grandparent University. Jewish storytelling is woven throughout this class as you ponder how to connect with your grandchildren and encourage their Jewish upbringing.

Additionally, a few years ago we surveyed our Jewish Baby University recent graduates and asked them to give us some insight on what was most helpful to them after the births of their children, what was challenging, and what were their expectations of their parents, as grandparents. We share the results of that survey with the class and offer guidance on how to have conversations with your kids about these potential issues. Facilitated by Dr. Daniel Hettleman, Ph.D., P.C.

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