Savoring Passover Traditions

Written by Shlomit Ovadia of JCC Denver

As spring rolls around, JCC Denver is excited to offer its Taste of Passover event once again for those 60+ on April 26, 11:30 am – 12:45 pm. The annual celebration brings older adults together from around Denver for a meaningful experience steeped in rich tradition and communal connection, while tipping its hat to the famous Exodus story. 

Judy Keim is a longstanding Taste of Passover participant. She looks forward to it every year, especially the community aspect.  

“A lot of my family has either passed or moved away so I don’t have any family to share Passover seder with [here],” she shares. “Now, I get to share it every year with my friends. It gives me a chance to have Passover again.”  

Judy will attend the event with many of her friends from the JCC Current Events and Schmooze program, a weekly meetup on Friday mornings where about 50 people discuss timely topics over coffee. Along with Judy, fellow Current Events and Schmooze participant Faith Karm will be attending the Passover get-together. She is most looking forward to “a fun time with friends while celebrating tradition.” 

“Growing up, it was difficult for me to sit through the whole Haggadah reading, but as an adult I began listening more and more to the words and they had much more meaning to them. ‘With an outstretched arm he led us out of Egypt’ always gave me a good visual picture,” she explains. 

In addition to stories, Taste of Passover will include a light, Kosher for Passover meal, and feature famous holiday staples like maror, or horseradish. “I still love horseradish. I can’t have my gefilte fish without it!” she exclaims. 

Joining Judy and Faith at Taste of Passover will be JCC newcomer, Patti Zetlin. 

“I do it because I have a strong Jewish identity and that’s what you do,” she says with conviction.  

For Patti, maintaining the traditions of Passover means continuing the customs she has been practicing since childhood. “I still have my grandfather’s Elijah cup, which I use at my seders.” 

For Patti, no Passover is complete without Matzo Ball soup, “and my grandmother’s kosher for Passover sponge cake with strawberries and cream” she adds with a laugh, recalling family memories.  

In addition to lunch, Taste of Passover will include a shortened recitation of the Haggadah storybook with songs. 

“We have a good time discussing things,” Judy explains of her involvement in JCC’s older adult community. “You learn from each other and share information—[something] that is very important in this world.” 

It’s not too late to register for this communal, memorable ode to Passover for older adults. Reserve your spot today.