For 22 years, the Denver Children’s Theatre has excelled in bringing theatrical magic to young audiences.

Due to forces beyond any sort of galactic control, 2019 will be the final season for this community staple––but don’t cry just yet. This phenomenal final season will come to a close with a remarkable rendition of the classic French tale, The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince). Directed by the JCC Mizel Arts and Culture Center’s Executive Artistic Director, Steve Wilson, and starring acclaimed local thespians, Rachel Graham (The Little Prince), Missy Moore (The Aviator), Damon Guerrasio (The Fox, and more), and Ilasiea Gray (The Rose, and more), this piece is truly a breathtaking finale for DCT.

The Little Prince tells the story of an unlikely friendship between two stranded travelers in the Sahara Desert––an Aviator whose plane has broken down, and a mysterious “little prince” who experiences the universe through his own unique lens.

During their short time together, all while traipsing through the desert, The Little Prince tells The Aviator all about his adventures through the galaxy, as well as his tragic and love-ridden relationship with a very special flower. Throughout their adventures, a beautiful, timeless tale springs to life on stage––and we learn a thing or two from The Little Prince (trust us, adults may love this show even more than the kids!).