Presented by the JCC Denver

Featuring Essie Perlmutter’s original paintings and sculptures

Essie Perlmutter

As an artist and a person who loves to travel and meet people from diverse cultures and walks of life, Essie has tried to portray throughout her art an environmental biography of these individuals. In her sculptures, she tries to capture a storyline from her perception of their lives – some familiar and others evoke fantasy. At age 84, when she paints, she stay true to herself and is not hindered by fear of trying something new or pushing the limits of the expected. Her goals are to enrich herself, advance her interests, pursue her passions and inspire others. Oil paint, acrylic, decoupage, clay, needle and yarn are mediums she has entrusted with my creative expression for more than eight decades. Art gives her purpose, focus and calm. It allows her to express her thoughts and provides an outlet for sustenance and perpetual growth.

A portion of all sales during the exhibit will be donated to the JCC.

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