“I have a couch and a Netflix subscription…so why should I schlep over to the J for the film festival?”

Hmm. I am so glad you have asked this question, for the true meaning of a film festival is not in the films we have programmed, but rather, in the community we build by coming together in the name of appreciating great films and even better company. J email Amy weiner

In other words: we didn’t spend seven months assigning, viewing, reviewing, and critiquing hundreds of submissions, culling our list down to a precious few dozen, with tears and favorites on the cutting room floor, as a mere exercise. We programmed these films with you in mind, films we believe give much food for thought, and now that it’s finally festival time, we want to talk about them, dammit!

And talk about them, let’s. This year’s Denver Jewish Film Festival – presented by the Sturm Family Foundation – provides our audience with unique opportunities to connect about our films even after the credits roll and the house lights come up.