This week’s edition of “In The Loup” provides a look into our newly formed Member Services Team who wants to know…

Are you getting the most value possible from your membership at the J?

As the manager of the newly formed Member Services team, I’m personally looking forward to connecting with each and every one of you. My name is Judy Swesey, and I have been at the J for over 18 years. You will usually find me in the lobby at the Member Services table, so please be sure to stop by and say “hi.”

The Member Services team was formed to assist members in introducing, connecting and engaging in all programs offered at the J. Whether you’re interested in Ranch Camp, Camp Shai, ELS, Fitness, Arts, Culture or Theater, we want to help you learn about what’s available and how to get active and participate.

Allison Marshall is partnering with me. Many of you may already know her as the registrar for camps and ELS. She has been with the J for nearly three years, and we are looking forward to collaborating together to educate you on the programs available, make sure the registration process is seamless, and that your experiences are unforgettable. You can consider us your personal concierge.

The JCC had to pause many of our programs during the COVID-19 closure, but we are working hard to re-start the great programs you’ve come to love, plus add many more to the calendar. Allison and I will be sharing all the details as they become available, so you can get the most value possible out of your membership at the J.

Please feel free to reach out with anything that can make your experience at that J more enjoyable and memorable. If we can’t help, we will find someone who can.

Your Member Services Team
Judy Swesey
Allison Marshall