On Saturday, May 29, 2021, the JCC shared our revised face mask policy that allows for the creation of “mask-free” zones throughout our Fitness & Aquatics Center and our Tennis Center. This marks a major milestone for all of us including the Operations department.

As you know, 2020 was a year of unprecedented changes in the way we operate our facility, and what a year it was. The March 2020 building closure kept the Operations Department working with deadlines, mandates, and state guidelines to bring you the best possible JCC we can offer. I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the effort that the entire JCC staff has put into our reopening. We joined forces and together we faced the challenges that came our way.

When the JCC closed its facility Operations found itself assisting our staff with the transition to working from home. Computers that once sat on desks in busy offices moved to in-home couches. In addition, the phones were moved and reconfigured. Overnight, we went from a bustling face-to-face community center to a virtual community of educators, entertainers, trainers, and learners.

Everyone at the J became experts on the unique molecular makeup of COVID-19 including how it spreads, how it doesn’t spread, what to touch, what NOT to touch, how to clean, where to clean, and what to do if someone has it. We re-invented the way the JCC is disinfected, purchased new equipment, as well as high-quality cleaning products. Our cleaning staff, teachers, and counselors learned to be COVID experts as well. We followed the news closely, pivoting to follow the most recent, ever-changing COVID-19 guidelines. Is it 6-feet distancing? 3-feet Masks?? No-Masks???

We used the time during our shutdown to re-evaluate the spaces in the building and how they are used. We painted and fixed up countless rooms and shared spaces. We created new entrances, exits, parking areas, drop-off zones, and waiting areas. The entire staff, not just Operations, became experts on the operation of the JCC. During 2020, the Operations department grew to include a team of over 60 individuals who played a fundamental role in keeping the inner workings of the J running smoothly.

The Fitness Center is open, Camp Shai and Ranch Camp begin their summer sessions on Monday, the ELS begins its summer session soon, the Mizel Arts and Culture Center is slowly reopening, our programming for young families is returning to “in person” classes at the J, and soon our seniors will join us for Senior Lunch. All of this is thanks to our staff, understanding vendors and partners, and most of all our loyal and caring community.

2021 has been a banner year for the JCC and it’s only June. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for all that you do for the JCC!

Steve Goslee
Director of Operations