Remember the good old High School sports team days? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could recreate that environment and healthy community in your adulthood? By joining an adult swim team, you can feel like you are living an improved version of your sportier self, and also see a lot of amazing benefits in other areas of your life as well.

Curious about the actual value of an adult swim team? Here are the 4 incredible benefits that swimming with a team in your adulthood can provide and change your life for the better!

1.  It’s A Great Workout

Swimming can be a really great way to get in some cardio, which helps you to burn fat and build muscle. It also is easy on the joints and very low-impact, so it’s an ideal workout for anyone. Those with back pain or joint stiffness will see an increase in flexibility and pain management too with swimming, and it helps whip you into shape shockingly fast.

30 minutes of butterfly, the most difficult of the strokes, can burn over 400 calories for most people at a regular pace. Pushing your limits and swimming fast for practice or during a swim meet with a team can help you burn even more and see some great results.

2.  You Learn Valuable Skills

Not only can you learn how to save yourself even in extreme conditions by growing and strengthening your swimming ability, but you can use these strong swimming skills to benefit yourself past that. By getting CPR and First Aid Training with Denver experts, you can combine those great kicks and experience in the water with life-guarding jobs for some extra money.

Plus, getting good at swimming means you can teach your kids on your own, without paying extra for a trainer or teacher. You can learn how to instruct just by being on a team and watching your own coach, so in the end, the whole family can benefit from it too!

3.  It’s A Great Way To Connect With Others

In adulthood, it gets difficult to find time to spend out of the house, away from the kids and your partner, and free from work. Not everyone has the same interests, and bars aren’t exactly the best place for socializing. A swim team brings together many different people with one a very community-oriented goal.

Some of the best friends a person had in highschool were made on sports teams, and that carries into adulthood, too! Finding the time to connect with others who want to swim fast and improve their life is important, so joining a team checks both of those boxes.

4.  Grow Your Confidence

Being good at something and having the confidence to exhibit that and see your own improvement and value in that skill is an amazing feeling. It shouldn’t go unnoticed and you should do what you enjoy! Swimming is a powerful sport and it can help you feel better both in and out of the water.