Samantha Walsh, her husband Russ, and her two beautiful children consistently bring smiles to our faces.

Sam, the Annual Fund Officer for the J, has been with us for over four years and we are continually amazed by the work she does for our community.


Where were you born? Where did you attend college?

Sam Walsh: I was born in Denver, I left for approximately 10 years after high school, starting with college at Brandeis University.

How did you and Russ meet?

SW: We met when we were both living in Brooklyn!

Has the J always been a part of your life?

SW: Yes! I grew up going to Camp Shai and Ranch Camp, BBYO meetings at the JCC, and DJDS classrooms were the back hallway (before RMHA merged with Herzl and moved where they are now). I even had my Bat Mitzvah in the Social Hall!

How old are your children? What are their names?

SW: Avi is 3.5 years old and Maytal is 15 month.


What’s your favorite part about working at the J?

SW: Getting to see people engage in our programs and have life-changing experiences!

What programs do you and your family partake in here at the J?

SW: We love the Early Learning School! Russ and I also did Jewish Baby University (JBU) before we had Avi, and still remain friends with our cohort. We try to go to any and all programs for young families!

How has the J influenced your family? What does it offer that another organization cannot?

SW: The J is such an open, inclusive space. It offers great programming, so for families who are generally pretty engaged in the Jewish community like we are it’s a great place, but even more so for those who aren’t otherwise engaged in the community – everyone feels welcome and there’s literally something for everyone!

What is your dream for the J? When your children are all grown up, what will the J mean to them?

SW: I hope my kids experience growing up at the J in many of the ways I did, and then get to pass that along to their kids! I love when the J is a one-stop-shop for so many types of programs, a place to hang out- really the community center that is the center of the community! I hope we continue to grow our programs and partnerships to help engage more people in whatever way they want to participate!

Spring is coming! What’s your favorite activity to do with your kids during spring?

SW: Playgrounds are generally top of the list. Though, I don’t think Russ and Avi are giving up on ski season just yet!

The love you show for your family and the J is second-to-none, Sam! We’re so happy to have you as a part of our community.