Libbi Segev and her family have been a part of the JCC Denver for generations.

With three beautiful children (twins Liat and Maytal, 10 years old, and son, Eyal, 4) and a cute little pup named Taffy, Libbi and her husband, Aviv, have spent countless seasons partaking in JCC programs.

Outside of the J, Aviv is an investigator for the Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Agencies’ Division of Securities (say that five times fast), and Libbi is a professor at the Daniels College of Business at DU. But, she’s also a practicing real estate, business, and estate planning attorney. Oh, and a realtor (know anyone buying or selling a property? Libbi would love to help!).

Basically, she’s Wonder Woman.

How long have you and your family attended JCC programs? What programs have your children been a part of?

Libbi Segev: We have attended programs at the JCC for as long as I can remember. In fact, my family was involved with the JCC long before I was born. My mother attended JCC Ranch Camp and was a member of the JCC swim team. My father played handball and basketball at the JCC (he still plays basketball regularly at the J). My grandfather, Nat Sachter, was one of the architects who designed the JCC. I grew up about a block from the JCC and remember spending summers by the pool with my parents, sister, and friends and Saturday afternoons on the basketball court with my dad. When Aviv came to visit Denver for the first time 23 years ago, he too spent a great deal of time in the JCC pool (he was on the Israeli National Swim Team at the time). I also have fond memories of participating in the children’s theatre programs, pottery classes, and attending  JCC Ranch Camp.

What programs have your children been a part of?

LS: Liat, Maytal, and Eyal have participated in a lot of programs at the J. Before the kids made their debut, Aviv and I were a part of the J’s Jewish Baby University. Liat and Maytal attended preschool at the J and Eyal is currently in preschool at the J. The kids have participated in swim lessons and a number of the camps (JCC Ranch Camp, Shai, Sports, Mizel Arts and Culture Center art and theatre programs, etc.) Liat and Maytal are currently enrolled in the after-school theatre program and are looking forward to their Wrinkle in Time performance in March. The girls are already counting down the days until Ranch Camp begins and Eyal keeps asking when he gets to go to Family Camp at Ranch Camp.

Are you and your family originally from Colorado?

LS: I am a third-generation Coloradan––born and raised. Aviv is from Israel. He grew up in a City called Givataim (very close to Tel Aviv).

What activities are you and your family interested in outside of school and work? What do you do together on the weekends?

LS: Are there activities other than schlepping the kids from one activity to the next? In all seriousness, and as cliche as it may sound, we just enjoy spending time together. Shabbat dinners are very special to us––a time for us to be together (and with other family and friends). We also enjoy bike riding as a family, cooking, doing art projects, trying new restaurants (or frequenting the same old place), going to plays, traveling, playing games, cuddling up to read a book or watch a movie, etc.

What are you and your family looking forward to this winter?

LS: Playing in the snow as a family (the kids would add “drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows to warm up.”)

What is your family’s most cherished memory at the JCC?

LS: It’s too hard to pick just one! Pickup basketball games with me and my dad, watching the kids learn to swim, summertime evening swim and dinner by the pool, kvelling, watching the girls perform on stage or Eyal perform with his preschool class, the smiles we receive at preschool pickup, the hugs we exchange at Ranch Camp pickup…

The Segevs are a sensational Colorado family who have supported the J for years. Thank you for all you do!