Look what we did together!

On November 8, we were able to host a spectacularly re-imagined JCC Annual Dinner and Celebration with equally spectacular company. This fun-filled soiree included surprise drum lines, s’mores, and our very own Linda Marshall playing the piano (who knew?)! Most importantly, however, it included selfless donors and community members who continue to make the J’s mission possible year after year.

As soon as the clock hit 5:00 pm, the Annual Dinner and Celebration had begun as hundreds of guests showed up to honor the 34 transformation donors who funded the historical transaction back in June. These special donors, our honorees for evening, stepped up and led our community through a transitional time and we felt that this sort of event was the least we could do to commemorate their transformational giving.

In order to create a celebratory atmosphere, our Development Team, headed by Linda Haley, implemented new, party-like elements throughout the Annual Dinner. These elements included program-based activities (health screenings, virtual reality stations, and camp memory circles), a two-hour cocktail hour (!!!), and specialized appetizers for each represented department. In other words, the traditional Dinner received a rejuvenating makeover that both enhanced and maintained the beautiful energy of this yearly event.