When I started as CEO seven months ago, I marveled at the opportunity to lead an institution that means so much to so many. While my academic and professional experiences had prepared me for the work itself, I felt there was something else–something powerful–that I needed to nurture to move the J forward.

That something, it turns out, is a feeling of belonging.

As a Sociologist, I’m 100% comfortable saying that belonging is critical to happiness, success, and well-being. As humans, we need other people to survive, and as individuals, we most deeply experience our shared humanity when we feel like we belong.

And that sense of belonging is, without question, the essence of our beloved JCC.

It is upon this foundation of belonging that my team members and I are moving our organization forward. When we meet to discuss our award-winning Early Learning School, or strategize about growing our incredible day and resident camps. When we look to enhance our excellent family engagement programs, or increase our offerings in our fabulous Fitness & Wellness Center. When we work to bring new and exciting cultural events to the amazing Mizel Arts and Culture Center, or innovative, meaningful programs for our older adults. And when we design intergenerational experiences that bring everyone together throughout our Center, we have at our core this commitment to creating places and spaces where everyone feels like they belong.

Over the coming weeks, months, and years our staff, Board of Directors, volunteers, and I will focus our work, rooted in Jewish values, on making our JCC a place where everyone belongs.

I am honored to introduce you to our new website. This digital space is focused on–you guessed it–belonging. Whether you log on to learn about what’s happening at the Center, click through to read stories about our community members, or use the site to sign up for any of our incredible programs, we hope you feel as we do–that this is the place you belong.


Ali Hill, CEO