Laugh Till You Cry

Think you’re funny? Experience the art of comedy with Tight Five – Standup Comedy Writing for Grown Ups. This 18+ workshop and performance series will have you cramping and crying while whipping up and refining the cleverest of jokes. 

Guided by the most influential how-to book in all of standup, The Comedy Bible by Judy Carter, this seven-week rehearsal series culminates in a Tight Five performance in April headlined by a surprise guest, where students will also have the chance to be opening acts! 

Tight Five Class first year alum and current high school English teacher Abbi Heller is excited to return to the stage to lead this year’s Tight Five classes and workshops. 

A natural humorist, the writer is used to engaging with her classroom by using wit and laughter. 

“A lot of what I’m going to bring is observing people’s craft to learn, who are people, things, and groups they admire and how can we use those to develop their [standup] identities?” 

Abbi plans on bringing in guest authors to help students choose themes for developing their writing crafts and the confidence to deliver. 

“What I loved and what helped me was really the collaboration and the community that the class brought and how we were all able to grow as comedians together. Now coming back as a teacher, I’m excited to continue to facilitate and grow that experience.” 

Proceeds from the Tight Five performances will be donated to the Robert M. Loup Scholarship Fund, which provides financial assistance to allow traditionally underserved students to attend the Wolf Theatre Academy program. 

Those who have already participated in a Tight Five class are invited to sharpen their silly bones in the Tight Five Alumni Workshop. Humor the crowd while refining your sets, trying new material, and participating in an encore performance.  

Rehearsals for both classes and alumni workshops take place on Thursday evenings starting in February. 

“Where the heart of this program lies is how we’re creating community and laughter especially at such a difficult time, we’re coming together to do something new and take a risk together.”