Bagel and Cream Cheese

Passover has been my favorite Jewish holiday since I lost my love for Hanukkah. As much as I love being with my family for Seders, I am always fascinated by the different traditions I have seen in other people’s homes and communities. This year’s Seders took on additional significance now that my children have just enough awareness to ask questions. They were mostly easy (“what’s that, mommy?”), but I was hard-pressed to respond to my son’s tantrum after he proudly and politely asked: “Can I please have a bagel?”

I know that, over time, the questions will get more complicated and even harder to answer, but I will always encourage them to ask more. As we get older, we are less and less inclined to reveal our ignorance by asking a question to which we think we should know the answer. In doing so, we often deprive ourselves of a deeper experience.

Much like a Seder is for the uninitiated so is camp for campers and staff who surrounded by unfamiliar traditions. Like a good Seder, camp should be a place where it is OK not to know. If we are doing it right, these questions will be answered by veterans eager to guide us and give us considered responses. In this way, we strengthen our community.

For my part, I look forward to serving the Ranch Camp community. Please be patient as I continue to ask questions. There will be more than four…


Noah​ Gallagher, Ranch Camp Director