J Adventure Club

J Adventure Club


May 22: Green Mountain bike riding skills lesson

June 18: Hiking or biking option

July 9: Bike ride

July 31: Hike a 14er (sponsored by YAD)

August 6: Bike ride

August 7: Hike

*RSVP due 2 days prior to the event

If you are itching to get outside, or need the motivation of others to accomplish goals you have yet to achieve, the JCC Adventure Club is right for you. No matter your level of experience, we have something for you.

So, join us to experience some of the sights and sounds this great state has to offer with some old and new friends. We’ll sample various trails just 3 hours from the J. It will only cost you some sweat, possible blood and gas money (hopefully no tears).

For more information, contact Brynne Elozory at belozory@jccdenver.org.