Standing Left to Right – Alex Iseman, Sheri Wanamaker, Kim Davis, Jessica Sanderson, Linda Thurman, Julie Snyder and Rebecca Gart Kneeling- Minou Cramer, Brooke O’Drobinak, Meredith Munro and Wendy Glazer. 

Lifelong Friendships are Made on the Tennis Courts of the JCC!

The JCC 3.5 (intermediate level) women’s tennis team have worked all year long to hone their impressive tennis skills as well as their bond with one another. This spring the team started playing matches against other local clubs and facilities; in just a short amount of time, they were able to make it to the United States Tennis Association (USTA) District Playoffs. This achievement is a true testament to the significance of teamwork and friendship on and off the court. 

During the District Playoffs (which took place this past spring), they played with intensity and had a blast doing so! Why? Because they’re not just teammates — they’re great friends who support one another no matter the outcome of the match and nurture their friendship on and off the court, ensuring their bond continues to grow along with their talent.  

It’s not about winning — it’s about the community we build together while supporting and caring for one another.