“You have two hands–one to help yourself, the second to help others.”

Sentiments such of these remind us of the selfless individuals and organizations who help out those in need.

Last month, our facility experienced a major set back–our fire panel went up in metaphorical flames (actual fire was not involved, we promise).

If you’re anything like us, you’re thinking, “what the heck’s a fire panel?” Well, don’t worry. We’re here to help (we had to Google it, too). According to this accredited website, a fire panel is, “a component that offers control through a fire alarm or notification system. The panel receives notifications for potential operational issues with equipment that could cause a fire.” Now, we’re no experts, but that sounds like an integral installation for safety here at the J.

Big deal, right? You bet. And like most “big deals”…it was very expensive. Luckily, thanks to our wonderful neighbors at Western States Fire Protection, we were recipients of a generous gift. Thanks to the kindness of this organization, they covered 25% of the cost of the new fire panel. Surely there has to be a catch, right? Nope. Western States is the real deal and their selflessness knows no bounds.