The Denver Jewish Film Festival presents the pilot double-episode of one of Israel’s newest thriller television shows, When Heroes Fly, inspired by a bestselling novel.

When four friends, war veterans of a Special Forces unit, receive news that Yaeli, a former lover of one of the friends and sister of another – long believed to be dead – may still be alive, the four friends reunite and embark on one final and deeply personal mission to find her. Can they triumph over their past demons and find the strength required to lay them to rest?

Featuring breathtaking action sequences, When Heroes Fly is a fast-paced thriller centering on strong characters who have seen the dark side of life, and must walk through fire and brimstone once again in order to find peace. It’s about healing, second chances, and loss, but, most of all, it’s about the power of life and the human strength to fight for it.

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Film Accolades
  • Colorado Premiere
  • Spanish and Hebrew with English subtitles

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