On April 30, we will begin a fun, exhilarating 24-hour crowdfunding campaign (Tzedakah 4 Kids) to raise scholarship money for the Robert E. Loup Scholarship Fund.

In preparation for this much-anticipated event, we spoke with Robyn Loup, the beloved wife of Robert E. Loup (Bob), a prolific and inspiring man (and former JCC Board Chair) within the Denver Jewish community, who passed away two years ago.

In order to preserve Bob’s memory, and his passion for JCC scholarships, it was an easy choice to rename the J’s scholarship fund to include Mr. Loup. However, in accordance with their strong and humble humanitarian values, the Loups discourage making this fund about Bob; because, after all, it’s about the children.

In Robyn’s words, “camp [is] a refuge for kids. It is Jewish identity. They feel nurtured by the counselors––it changes lives.”

Bob knew this fact all too well. Growing up on the West Side of Denver, Bob was an only child and was “influenced to get into trouble.” His father finally said, “Son, the only way I’ll straighten you out is through sports at the JCC.”

From “troublemaker” to model citizen, the J’s programming continued to shape his desire to support and engage community members from all walks of life. While his attention always centered around establishing a robust Jewish community in Denver, his heart consistently resided with the children.