*Winner of  the 2018 Best Narrative Audience Award*

Based on the real story of journalist Hans Knoop, editor-in-chief of Accent magazine, who gradually gets drawn into the hunt for the biggest war criminal in the Netherlands, multi-millionaire art collector Pieter Menten.

The Body Collector  tells the story of how Hans Knoop – editor-in-chief of weekly magazine Accent, affiliated to big Dutch newspaper de Telegraaf – becomes personally involved in the hunt for war criminal Pieter Menten, who has escaped justice. For years, Pieter Menten has lived quietly in a huge villa in het Gooi when he decides to sell part of his art collection. De Telegraaf interviews him about this, as an art collector. This interview comes to the attention of Israeli journalist Chaviv Kanaan through Dutch correspondent Dr. Henriëtte Boas. Kanaan accuses Menten of the execution of Jews – including many members of his own family – in the Polish villages Podhorodce and Uricz. Through Boas, Kanaan contacts Knoop and tells him that in 1943 Menten had three train carriages of stolen art brought to the Netherlands – and the Menten Case is born. Knoop decides to follow the story to the bitter end, but Menten won’t give up without a fight.

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