Practice makes perfect!

We’re proud to offer tennis lessons for everyone in the community, no matter your age or skill level! You’ll practice your tennis game one-on-one with our talented tennis pros in our temperature-controlled indoor courts, and improve your skills in an encouraging environment. Amplify your tennis journey and schedule a lesson today!

Start improving your game today! Begin by booking a private or group lesson with one of our best-in-class tennis pros.

Benefits of Private Lessons

  • Emphasis on technical training

  • Customized tactical training

  • Schedule lessons to fit your personal schedule

  • Practice hits with Tennis Pro

Benefits of Group Lessons

  • Limited technical training

  • General tactical training

  • Practice with fellow trainees

  • Fixed time

  • Make new friends with fellow players!

Meet our Pros

Begin enhancing your game today with a lesson from one of our best-in-class pros.