After writing songs and touring with other artists for a decade, the New York based singer, composer and producer mints a sound all her own: Jewish Contemporary Pop.

Born from the trademark minor chords of her cultural and religious ancestry. Born from the raised voices of the tribe with whom she grew. Woven with the threads of thousands of years of ancestry, gravity, and culture. Jewish Contemporary pop, with music and lyrics that roil with such history and meaning that the personal becomes universal.

Her debut album, “I Am Here,” out on Rainbow Blonde Records (a label and worldwide collective co-founded by Taali herself alongside José James), is a blisteringly fresh accounting of growth, love, triumph, and ancestry. Her debut album is profoundly, deeply alive. Her debut album is Los Angeles pop sounds, Judaic harmony, and New York songwriter sensibility. In its deeply personal fragility and honesty, “I am Here” is a triumphant rallying cry for those seeking out healing, power, and connection

Taali is here.

Saturday, November 9, only at JAAMM Fest. To hear an example of Taali’s music, click here!

Taali – Synths, Vocals
Jacob Bergson – Synths
Dustin Kaufman – Drums

Dates & Times

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