The Sklar Brothers: Stories about tradition. Told in a non-traditional way.

Presented by the Denver Jewish Chamber of Commerce and the JCC Denver

The Sklar Brothers will spend the evening speaking about why, especially in times of rising anti-Semitism, it is so important to carry on, as Jews, our tradition of comedy and humor. They have never strayed too far from their Midwestern Jewish roots and their Judaism has informed and been a part of their career.

Doors open at 6:30 pm. Beer, wine, and food (provided by Lymone Catering) will be available for purchase. So, come early to schmooze before the show.


About The Sklar Brothers

The Sklar Brothers, are a post-modern take on a stand-up comedy duo. Neil Strauss of the New York Times once wrote “Their comedy accepts the reality of being twins but does not use it as a crutch. Instead, they work their physical and mental similarities and correspondences, their status as imperfect carbon copies of each other. In their comedy the straight man is often an echo.” They have released 4 critically acclaimed comedy albums, have had two Comedy Central Half Hour Presents specials, and currently have a one hour stand up special on Netflix, titled “What Are We Talking About” Their next one hour special will appear on Seeso in 2017.

Randy and Jason are also writers, directors and actors appearing in a wide variety of shows from Entourage to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to Maron, to Curb Your Enthusiasm. They are currently recurring characters on TruTV’s Those Who Can’t. However, they are perhaps most well known for their show Cheap Seats, a cult hit that appeared on ESPN Classic for 77 episodes.

Their popular sports/comedy podcast Sklarbro Country is available on the Earwolf Podcasting Network. Beginning January 17th, 2017 they will launch a new podcast “Dumb People Town” on the Feral Audio Podcast Network.

Most importantly, Randy and Jason are fathers and husbands living in Los Angeles. (not with each other — that would be weird.)

Dates & Times

Sorry, there are no upcoming dates for this event.