This program features five short films that depict relationships between parent and child as seen through various life cycle moments.

Post-screening talk back led by DU film scholar and DJFF Film Selection Committee member Diane Waldman!

About How to Swim

Abigail is heavily pregnant, but something is missing. Terrified about the imminent birth, she kidnaps a comforting partner in crime for one afternoon.

About the film
  • Director: Noa Gusakov
  • 2019/Israel/15 minutes
  • Drama/Comedy/Motherhood
  • Hebrew with English subtitles

About 99

A mother and son shop for a Bar Mitzvah gift at a 99 Cent store.

Film Accolades
  • Rocky Mountain Premiere
About the film
  • Director: Nick Borenstein
  • 2019/USA/5 minutes
  • Drama/Family
  • English

About Sushi, Meatballs, & Everything

A newly-married young woman goes to war with her loving in-laws.

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  • Director: Liel Gur
  • 2018/Israel/10 minutes
  • Drama/Shabbat/Family
  • Hebrew with English subtitles

About That’s Mine

Under the macho visage of a military commander, Roni is hiding thoughts and doubts on the biggest day of his career.

Film Accolades
  • Colorado Premiere
About the film
  • Director: Amit Hay Ben Shlomo
  • 2018/Israel/35 minutes
  • Drama/Grief
  • Hebrew with English Subtitles

About Butterflies

Another Sunday in April. A Kibbutz in the north of Israel. A natural phenomenon. A family on an impromptu ride, maybe the last one.

Film Accolades
  • Denver Premiere
About the film
  • Director: Yona Rozenkier
  • 2019/Israel/7 minutes
  • Drama/Family
  • Hebrew with English Subtitles

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