December 20, 2017 was “graduation day” for our members who successfully completed the 2017 Jewish Aging Mastery Program.

Let’s give a big round of applause for these outstanding senior students (cheers, all!) and a hearty ‘thanks’ to Debbie Goodman (Director of Jewish Life and Learning) and Debbie MacKillop (Intergenerational & Adult Programs Coordinator) for all of the effort they put into coordinating and conducting JAMP. We celebrate this program for successfully sharing how senior citizens can combine the science and art of aging with the wisdom of the Jewish faith.

A group of 10+ seniors were able to meet weekly to hear fabulous speakers discuss medication management, healthy relationships, financial stability, and community engagement. Upon completion, the seniors discussed the true value they were able to gain from this program and how it will benefit them for years to come. One graduate stated, “JAMP helped me with good information and inspiration to find a purpose in this time of my age journey,” and another shared, “A change I am making from JAMP is accepting my age and looking forward to learning and sharing my journey of a bright life!”.