Personal possessions tell a beautiful story of a person’s life, regardless of age.

But when we find that we have accumulated too much or a loved one passes, the process of sorting through the items can be overwhelming. Finding Peace, One Piece at a Time provides readers with tools for how to thin, repurpose, and redistribute these possessions in a way that can capture and cherish their memories so they continue to be with us today and passed to future generations.

In the digital era, personal possessions include not only physical objects, but also the accumulated data we save. Combined, these physical and digital footprints can serve as an extension of ourselves and express what we value most. As we experience life transitions and find ourselves needing to sort and declutter, it is important to maintain a connection to our personal histories and to our loved ones through their possessions. This book serves as a guide to start sorting through the belongings and shared assets that have been emotionally paralyzing. Using the tools and ideas provided, you will learn to identify your end goals, create a clear plan of action, find the right support system and finally be able to overcome your emotional roadblocks and move forward.

About Rachel Kodanaz:

As a heart-minded speaker and author, Rachel Kodanaz provides encouragement to those who are suffering a loss or experiencing a difficult life change. Rachel has been speaking passionately to national audiences of all sizes for over 20 years, addressing all aspects of change, growth, and acceptance that comes with life’s transitions.  Her style inspires, informs and persuades audiences to be self-aware, take action, and continue to thrive.

Rachel is the author of the best-seller Living with Loss, One Day at a Time, Finding Peace, One Piece at a Time, and Grief in the Workplace: A comprehensive guide for being prepared, which have received international acclaim.

To learn more about Rachel Kodanaz, check out this video of Rachel on Good Morning America.

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