A Constructivist Approach

ELS child playing in a sandbox

We draw inspiration from the schools in Reggio-Emilia, Italy. However, this does not make our school a Reggio school! Our students exist within their own context, as part of the world and their community. The realities of being a young child in Denver, Colorado, informs our teachers practice in the classroom.  All individuals and their unique families are honored and given a voice within our school community.  

A group of ELS students look upon a series of X-rays that are backlit by a bright window.

We view our educators as researchers, guides, and learners. Our team encourages play and exploration and uses observations from these activities to inform meaningful learning experiences. The process of learning is our focus – not the product! By using the children’s interests to design learning, we will never have the same school year twice. Students will be exposed to many different early literacy, science, and numeracy concepts, all while developing a love for the process of learning. Children communicate through “one hundred languages”, and so our educators offer many mediums for their students to express themselves.  

Table with various colored balloons filled with paint

To honor the individual and create an inclusive space, our classroom walls are covered with documentation of each students progress. This communicates to the children that their work is important; also, it allows the educators to reflect on the work of the children, which helps to inform future planning. The documentation itself shows the community of families and caregivers what the children are working on, offering an entry point for family and student conversations.  


Our school is centered around the social and emotional development of children. We believe in Tikkun Olam, the responsibility of all people to repair the world. By encouraging children to be thoughtful and considerate of others, to notice and respond to the needs of their community, and care for themselves, we believe the world will be a better and more kind place.