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Constructivist Approach

Our school’s philosophy is a constructivist, child-centered approach in which our educators co-construct learning with the children. We view children as competent and capable of observing the world around them and learning through experience. This approach is centered around relationships; the relationships that are formed between teachers and students, students and their environments, peer to peer, and throughout the community. Learn more >

Sheva Framework

This framework was designed by the JCC Association of North America and is implemented in all JCC early learning spaces.


  1. Children as Constructivist Learners
  2. Early Childhood Directors as Visionaries
  3. Early Childhood Educators as Professionals
  4. Families as Engaged Partners
  5. Environments as Inspiration for Inquiry
  6. Discover CATCH as Sh’mirat HaGuf (taking care of our bodies)
  7. Israel as the Story of the Jewish People


  1. Masa: Journey (Reflection, Return & Renewal)
  2. B’rit: Covenant (Belong & Commitment)
  3. Hit’orerut: Awakening (Amazement & Gratitude)
  4. K’dusha: Holiness (Intentionality & Presence)
  5. D’rash: Interpretation (Inquiry, Dialogue & Transmission)
  6. Tzelem Elohim: Divine Image (Dignity & P otential)
  7. Tikkun Olam: Repair of the World (Responsibility)
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We are more than a school – we are a community. Each child will get the chance to build life-long friendships and it is our hope that parents also have the ability to build their own community through meaningful relationships with other families at school.

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We believe in creating a community that knows each other by name, providing a safe a secure environment for the children. Our top-notch security team greets families during drop-off and pick-up each day. 24/7 video surveillance and keycard technology to access the building are additional measures we take to ensure our children stay safe.

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We strive to support the individual needs of our families and students while providing a safe, healthy, and inclusive social environment for the entire school. Conflict resolution and positive reinforcement are used to encourage desired behaviors. Partnering with families and outside therapists for any developmental challenges is our top priority.

We believe that collaborating together to meet the individual needs of children and their families creates a positive parent-school partnership. The Early Learning School is a place where all students and families can feel safe, nurtured, and accepted.

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We provide low teacher/children ratios which allows for high levels of teacher engagement with each individual child.

Specials Programs

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The Judaic Educator at the ELS collaborates with children, teachers, families, and the community to offer meaningful learning experiences using Jewish lenses and modern learning skills. Jewish curriculum is provided for teachers around the Jewish holidays, incorporating an anti-bias philosophy to help us be mindful of our vision for full inclusivity. Judaism is woven seamlessly into our constructivist learning environments. Open ended materials, ritual objects, songs, and books based on Jewish values are offered, and children are observed by our educators, who then reflect on each child’s experience in order to honor the interests of the students.

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Swim Readiness

Children in 3 and 4-year-old classes enjoy a weekly water readiness taught by JCC swim instructors. In addition to being fun, children learn about water safety and important self-help skills such as dressing themselves and being responsible for their own items.

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Nature and Technology

The Nature and Technolgy program was designed to nurture and encourage the relationship between young children and the natural world with the hopes of inspiring the next generation of stewards. The Nature and Technology educator leads children in caring for the garden spaces, facilitates inquiry-based discussion, bridges the disconnect that children have with their food, and encourages children to look through a sustainability lens.

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For our preschool students, the science program is an opportunity to begin a lifelong interest in STEM concepts. Each preschool classroom meets once a week for around 45 minutes and conducts fun experiments, investigates new fields, learns hands-on building activities, etc. The program takes advantage of the child’s natural curiosity at this stage in life, and uses it to nurture a positive idea of science education. Children not only improve upon scientific concepts and vocabulary, they also are expanding on problem solving skills, analytical skills, teamwork and collaboration, and many more. Through these activities of mostly child-led discoveries, we are able to foster and promote young inquisitive minds. 

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Extended Care

We offer extended care in the morning from 7:30 am-8:30 am and the afternoon from 3:30 pm-5:30 pm. These extended hours are meant to support our families around their work schedules.

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Shabbat Sing

Every Friday we welcome the children, families, and the community to join the school in a celebration of Shabbat. We do this through music, prayers, and storytelling.