An infant in a cardboard fort illuminated by multi-color projector lights smiles for the camera while holding an led candle inside a tupperware container.


Our infant program is where it all begins. In the ELS infant program, your little one will start their journey of learning and discovery in a bright, loving, and inspiring environment. Not to mention, our infant program is a wonderful opportunity for families to create deeper and more meaningful relationships with teachers and peers. In addition to helping your infant meet developmental milestones, your tiny human will learn skills like:   

  • How to interact with their environment 
  • Communicating basic needs
  • Developing safe sleeping and eating habits


Welcome to the toddler years! Your baby is moving on their own and learning the art of decision making. Tots in this program will enjoy story time, silly dance time, garden time, and play throughout the day – activities that lay the foundation for discovering math, science, art, and literature! Some skills we work on include: 

  • Feeding ourselves at mealtimes 
  • Sharing our space and toys during play 
  • Communicating feelings and needs through ASL and other methods 
A toddler in a bear sweater lounges against a squishy foam block in a play area.
A group of two-year-olds smile for the camera while sitting in the mulch by a tree, all sporting puffy winter jackets.


Here at the ELS, there’s no such thing as “terrible twos.” Instead, we focus on the joy, wonder, and curiosity that fills up our two-year-old classrooms. During this exciting age, children are most often their own best educator; our goal as teachers is to work alongside them, ensure they are supported in their active exploration journey while also being challenged to step outside the box. Things your “terrific two” will learn:  

  • Social Emotional learning 
  • The importance of community 
  • Building relationships with peers and educators 


At this age, your youngster might have a hankering for a more structured curriculum and consistent daily schedule – but with plenty of room for fun! Our preschool child development program focuses on building cognitive performance through child-initiated, cooperative play. ELS preschoolers will practice skills such as: 

  • Independence and self-reliance 
  • Problem solving 
  • Transitioning 
A pair of pre-schoolers sit together on a sofa, pointing at different countries on a globe.


Whether you are an expecting parent, new family, or new to town, discover how a journey with the JCC Early Learning School may be right for you.