Ceramics Introduction: Handbuilding & Wheel


This course covers the fundamentals of Ceramics. The first half will introduce the techniques of hand-building through pinching, coiling, and slab building. The second half will be wheel focused, with the goal of teaching students how to properly throw, trim, and glaze their pieces. Each class will be assignment-oriented and will teach the basics of creating with clay.

Ceramics Beginners: Wheelthrowing


This class is designed for beginners and for those who want to improve their basic throwing skills. Come get your hands dirty in this fun and thorough introduction to throwing clay on the pottery wheel! This class will provide hands-on instruction covering the fundamentals of wedging clay, centering, opening, pulling up and shaping your pots.

Ceramics Beginners: Handbuilding & Wheel


A wheel and hand-building-focused class that builds on the fundamentals taught in the Introduction to Ceramics course. Students will strengthen their wheel skills with guidance from the instructor on how to throw, trim, and glaze pieces. An emphasis will be placed on properly centering, opening, pulling, and shaping vessels. Students will explore and expand upon their hand-building skills of coiling, slab, and pinching.

Ceramics Mixed Levels


This course is for those who have already taken the Introduction to Ceramics and/or Beginners series or have approval from the ceramics department. Classes are designed to allow room for student exploration of wheel and hand-building techniques. Students who take this class have an idea of the ceramic projects they want to do and prefer a free flowing class. The instructor is there to help facilitate your clay journey and to suggest ideas on how to refine your project.

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