I had the pleasure of being an OTR (On the Road) Counselor during the summer of 2018 – aka, ‘The Best Summer Ever.’

What could be better than taking a group of fantastic and interesting youth on daily excursions and different hiking spots each week all around Colorado? Not much. OTR is an exciting program because each week holds a different adventure. The year-round staff work hard on their connections with the campers and they’re experts at getting great camping spots and scheduling exciting activities for the OTR crew.

I joined Camp Shai because Molly Cohn, the Assistant Director of Youth Services, and I lived in Peru together for two years and then moved to Colorado. She knew there was an opening at Camp Shai for an OTR Counselor and also knew that the position fit me perfectly. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of the Camp Shai community for a summer.

My favorite memories as an OTR counselor include going hiking and camping, biking in Fort Collins, rafting, riding the Mind Eraser with campers for our first time at Elitch Gardens, Iron Chef Challenge, going stand-up paddle boarding, making BAGELS, going to Ranch Camp and participating in their activities, doing scavenger hunts in museums, racing kids in the pool, and giving kids paper plate awards.