Sandy Wilcox is one of our new employees at our Fitness & Wellness Center–welcome to the J, Sandy!

She started teaching at our center during the first week of March and she has been a fabulous addition to our incredible team. Read all about her passion for Pilates and what motivates her to teach.

Why did you become a Pilates instructor?

Sandy Wilcox: I had been practicing as an RN, and I discovered that Pilates helped alleviate my lower back pain. I enjoyed my sessions so much, I investigated into becoming a teacher. Teaching the Pilates Method has given me the opportunity to utilize my nursing knowledge to help people become, better and stronger in a studio, instead of in a hospital.

What makes Pilates such a great, well-rounded exercise program?

SW: Pilates is a method of exercise that can be practiced at any age and any fitness level throughout your lifetime. Pilates was created as a functional exercise program, meaning what you learn in Pilates classes, you can apply to everyday activities. The posture, balance, strength, focus, and flexibility you learn in Pilates, help you to live your life in a pleasant state of self-awareness.