Have you met Dinah? Well, you’re about to! We’re excited to introduce our new Director of Fitness & Wellness.

Dinah grew up in Denver, Colorado and has her B.S. from the University of Northern Colorado. Prior to the J, Dinah served the Non-Profit Wellness Organization for 18 years in Dallas, Texas. She’s a fantastic addition to our team, and we can’t wait to see what she brings to our community.

Have you always been involved in fitness?

Dinah Burgess: I would veer on the side of yes, I have always been involved in fitness – with the key counterpart being Wellness. Fitness and Wellness often times are paired together, yet, we can be physically fit without being well. And by that, I am speaking of the full circle of wellness with healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Were you active as a child?

DB: Yes, very much so. I enjoyed playing soccer, snow-skiing in the winter, and water-skiing in the summer. As a teenager, I enjoyed long distance running and gymnastics. As a young adult, I enjoyed long-distance running, boot camps, and playing in adult soft ball leagues.

What’s your fitness motto?

DB: “It can be done, we just have to train our minds and our bodies to do so.”