Rose Medical Center and the JCC Denver present


A woman’s gynecologic health changes as we age. Pee a little when you do jumping jacks? Dryness? What on earth is vaginal prolapse?? And there are other factors, too – women who have had breast cancer have all kinds of other gynecologic changes after treatment.


Rose Medical Center invites you to join our experts in gynecologic health – aka, lady business – for an evening of education and empathy. Rose OB/GYNs Valerie Ginsburg and Sarah Silver Payne, urogynecologist Kristinell Keil and physical therapist Joyce Fairbanks will share information about conditions you are experiencing and helpful treatment options.

You can’t live your best life when you are experiencing this kind of discomfort. Join us to talk lady business and let’s get you back to those jumping jacks.

This event is free. Register to attend.

Dates & Times

Sorry, there are no upcoming dates for this event.