A film about the soul of Israeli society: dance.

Documentary/Israel/History/Contemporary Dance
Director: Gavriel Bibliowicz
2011/72 minutes/Israel/Hebrew with English subtitles

Despite its reputation as a militaristic and “macho” society, Israel has become a recognized world leader in modern dance. The need to move, shift, and to be in motion has raised generations of dancers and choreographers who have turned local modern dance into a national and international success story.

Through the works of leading choreographers Ohad Naharin, Rami Be’er, and Yasmeen Godder, Let’s Dance! opens a window to their sources of inspiration – to the vibrant and exotic world of the pioneering choreographers and to the story of the development of the local dance scene. Combining spectacular pieces of video-dance, rich archival material, interviews, and visual demonstrations, the film offers a unique and surprising view on Israeli society, as well as on dance.

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