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When: May 17 – 19, 2024

Where: JCC Ranch Camp, Elbert, CO

Who: Anyone who loves Klezmer Music!

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KlezKolorado is a weekend-long Klezmer festival that centers local and national Klezmer acts, Yiddish culture, workshops, and Colorado’s Jewish community. We want to highlight the burgeoning Klezmer revival in Denver, Boulder, and beyond, and create a new space for Yiddishists to gather and celebrate our culture. We are a queer-led and queer-focused group that would like to welcome folks of all backgrounds to come and join in the fun.

KlezKolorado will be structured primarily as a retreat, inviting participants to join us for a long weekend (May 17-19, 2024) full of concerts, workshops, community meals and fun nature-based activities. Guests can also choose to exclusively come for the Klezmer concerts on that Friday and/or Saturday. The festival will be held at the JCC’s beautiful Ranch Camp, situated conveniently between Denver and Colorado Springs. Guests who are attending for the full weekend will be provided with cabin-style accommodations, meals and snacks (including a special Shabbos dinner), and full access to all activities throughout the weekend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

KlezKolorado is a vibrant and immersive Jewish cultural retreat that celebrates the rich heritage of Klezmer music, dance, and traditions. Participants come together for a unique and memorable experience filled with music workshops, dance sessions, and cultural exploration.

Participants have the option to choose between dorm-style housing for a communal atmosphere, or private cabin-style housing for a more intimate experience. Both options offer a comfortable and welcoming environment for a restful stay.

View all avaliable housing options by visiting the KlezKolorado registration page.

Yes, all meals at KlezKolorado are included in the registration. We provide delicious and kosher food options that cater to various dietary preferences and ensure a delightful culinary experience.

Meals included for full-weekend festival participants are: Friday night dinner, Saturday breakfast, Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast, and Sunday lunch.

For participants only joining for the day, lunch and dinner are provided for on Saturday.

JCC Ranch Camp has onsite parking in a designated area. Vehicles will not be allowed to enter the main grounds of campus in order to keep the KlezKolorado experience car-free.

No open flames or incendiary devices of any kind are to be used by any program participant, musician, or volunteer while on the JCC Ranch Camp property. This includes but is not limited to, cigarettes or other smoking products, matches, candles, incense, lighters, and fireworks. Electronic vapes are allowed in outdoor private spaces. Any person found out of compliance with this policy will be fined $1000 by the JCC Denver.

KlezKolorado participants over the age of twenty-one (21) are welcome to bring alcohol to this festival. Alcohol may only be consumed by people over the age of twenty-one (21). Should an underage individual be found consuming alcohol, or evidence confirming this, the individual/party supplying the alcohol will be removed from the festival, fined $1000, and reported to the local police department. The KlezKolorado organizers expect parties bringing alcohol to keep close track of the location and storage of their alcohol.

No, participation in KlezKolorado is open to individuals of all backgrounds and faiths. Our goal is to create an inclusive and diverse community that comes together to appreciate and celebrate the beauty of Klezmer music and Jewish culture.

Sliding scale pricing allows us to accommodate a broader range of participants by offering different pricing options based on financial capability. This approach helps support the sustainability of KlezKolorado and ensures that the event remains accessible to a diverse community of enthusiasts.

If you have any additional questions or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated KlezKolorado support team at Klezkolorado@jccdenver.org. We are here to help make your experience enjoyable and memorable.

Registration coming soon!

KlezKolorado offers a diverse range of activities, including music workshops, dance classes, cultural discussions, and performances. The detailed schedule will be available closer to the event date.

No, we want all ages to come to KlezKolorado! Participants under the age of 18 are required to be accompanied by a responsible adult.

No. Children attending KlezKolorado must be under the direct supervision of an adult/guardian at all times.

The music workshops cater to various instruments commonly associated with Klezmer music. Check the workshop descriptions for specific instrument requirements, and feel free to contact us if you have any uncertainties.

For the first year of the festival, we do not have the means available to supply scholarships. However, the sliding scale pricing for shared housing, as well as tent camping options are designed to accommodate a large range of means.

Participants are encouraged to bring their instruments for the music workshops and jam sessions. Please ensure that your instrument is suitable for Klezmer music, and contact us if you have any concerns.

The health and safety of our participants is KlezKolorado leadership asks that you stay home from the festival if you are feeling ill. All KlezKolorado participants are highly encouraged to self-administer an at-home rapid COVID test within a couple hours of arrival or upon arrival. Masks will be available for those who feel more comfortable. Proof of vaccination will not be required.

KlezKolorado will take place at JCC Ranch Camp. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from KlezKolorado. Driving directions to JCC Ranch Camp can be found here.

Prepare for a comfortable and enjoyable experience by checking our recommended packing list, which may include items such as comfortable clothing, dance shoes, and any specific requirements for workshops. Be sure to pack your own bedding!

Yes! KlezKolorado will need a handful of volunteers to help run the festival. Volunteers will receive a discounted rate for a ticket to the festival. All interested volunteers should contact us at Klezkolorado@jccdenver.org

JCC Ranch Camp, the host site of KlezKolorado, is a rustic and rugged space. There are no paved walkways or roads on the property. Unfortunately, it is not a wheelchair-accessible space. All attendees should be prepared to walk up to a quarter mile between program spaces. Some buildings have a full flight of stairs to access the space. For questions about accessibility, contact Daniel Siegel, Engagement Program Manager, at dsiegel@jccdenver.org.

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