“Just Do It,” the Nike swoosh admonishes. Yeah, right.

If you’re 20-something, single with a lot of free time then go right ahead and just do it. But it’s not that easy for most of us. We can’t “just” do it if we’re going to school, raising kids, working long hours, running a business, managing a household, taking care of parents, dealing with medical and/or physical ailments, or juggling a host of other issues that demand our time and attention. To focus solely on ourselves and “just do it” is just selfish and self-serving.

The Nike motto implies we should not just talk about fitness goals, or look for reasons why we can’t achieve them, but instead just get on with it. While the sentiment is admirable, it’s just unrealistic for many of us who use the JCC as the locus of our fitness programs. For us, time is of the essence—the amount of time we can spend on our fitness regimes is circumscribed by life as contributing, not just consuming, adults.