If you’re anything like us, you did a little happy dance when our handy-dandy JAAMM brochure landed in your mailbox.

And if you didn’t receive yours, no worries! Click here to check out a digital copy.

This year, we have 26 stellar events making up our 2018 JAAMM lineup. You might think you know what to expect, and you may know a thing or two about our speakers and performers. But did you know…?

1. Sally Kohn, the author of our Denver Jewish Community Read (“The Opposite of Hate”) is a CNN political commentator. But…

From 2010 – 2013, Ms. Kohn worked for Fox News. Currently, she is an active CNN political commentator, activist, and author (as of now, she’s traveling across the country to speak about her book––aren’t we lucky to be one of her stops?). If you want to hear more about her active career, check out her fantastic podcast, State of Resistance.

2. Daniel Kahn, from the band Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird, starred in a Yiddish production of Fiddler on the Roof.

Check out this fantastic article on his performance as Perchik. He was one of only three actors who already knew Yiddish.

3. Jonathan Weisman, the author of “(((Semitism),” writes for the New York Times.

Today, his responsibilities include domestic policy under President Trump, and providing coverage of economic policies, health care, the environment, education, and social welfare. Phew! That’s all in a day’s work for Mr. Weisman.