A place where everyone belongs.

Here at the JCC Denver, we believe every child deserves specialized support for their individual needs. Whether our families choose to partake in the Early Learning School, Camp Shai, Ranch Camp, or the Mizel Arts and Culture Center Theatre and Art Academies, we strive to ensure each individual feels a sense of belonging within the community.

In order to nurture an inclusive community center, we are proud to offer inclusion practices tailored to the individual. The J provides training, coaching, and technical assistance for teachers, camp counselors, and JCC Denver staff to make sure these practices, as well as each child, are able to reach their full potential.

In our camp settings, we offer special inclusion programs for campers with special needs. These programs are fully integrated into the camp; therefore, the child will receive one-on-one support from our inclusion counselors without any disruption from their day-to-day activities. Campers will receive support and guidance all through the summer to ensure they have the most memorable, successful summer possible.

Throughout the center, we uphold the Jewish value of “Tzelim Elohim,” the belief that all children are made in the Divine Image. As a result, we believe that all children with special needs should be supported and encouraged within an inclusive environment that will help them develop their strengths and interests.

At the JCC Denver, we strongly believe that when every member of the community feels an innate sense of belonging, they’re able to explore, try new things, and venture outside their comfort zone. Respect towards oneself begins to flourish and the community feels a greater sense of compassion and kindness resonating from within. With our seamlessly-integrated inclusion services, we are confident that each family and child will have the necessary tools for success and happiness