In-person & Virtual

Your one-stop-shop for our 2023 film festival

We’re making it easy for you to experience the Denver Jewish Film Festival this year. The first phase is called IN-PERSON. This features 30+ film screenings offered both at The Elaine Wolf Theatre and The Pluss Theatre for in-person viewing. The second phase is an ALL-ON-DEMAND week.

Eventive is an online platform that makes all of our films easily accessible for secure, buying tickets, and ticketed viewing by audiences anywhere. Once you create your Eventive account, you can easily manage your personal festival experience as you choose. We look forward to seeing you in person or online this year!

Enjoy the Festival In-Person

Once you buy a pass or purchase a ticket, and create your account on Eventive. Look forward to seeing you at The Elaine Wolf Theatre and The Pluss Theatre.

Enjoy the Festival on your TV

Once you buy a pass or purchase a ticket, and create your account on Eventive, it’s time to connect your TV. Here are three easy options:

HDMI icon


You can access the Denver Jewish Film Festival on Eventive, through an internet browser on your smart phone, tablet, or computer. After logging into your Eventive account, select the film you wish to watch and then connect your laptop to your TV via an HDMI cord.

Chrome Cast Apple TV icon

Use “Cast” or “AirPlay”

Another option for viewing movies on your TV would be casting them from a phone or laptop. For this option, you can use your smart phone or laptop to “Cast” (Google Chromecast) or “AirPlay” (Apple) films to your TV by logging into your Eventive account on your device.

Watch on the Apple TV and Roku App

Download the Apple TV or Roku Eventive App to watch films with ease. Sign into the app and search ‘Denver Jewish Film Festival’ within the app. Note: The Eventive app is not available for your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Test Your Device Capability


Prior to sitting down to watch any films, we recommend you test your device first to ensure it is compatible with the Eventive platform. To test the compatability, simply visit the Eventive Device Compatibility page and follow the steps outlined. This test will confirm that:

  • Your device(s) is compatible with Eventive
  • You are able to make a purchase
  • You are receiving confirmation emails once a purchase has been completed

Need Tech Assistance?

Visit the Eventive help page or contact their customer support for questions that you can’t find answers to in the FAQ’s listed below.

Note: Do not contact DJFF or Mizel Arts and Culture staff for tech support. All tech support is provided solely by Eventive.

Frequently Asked Festival Questions

We are working to keep in line with Federal, State, and Local guidelines, while also maintaining industry-standard policies.
Please view our most up-to-date policy HERE

Yes, you still need a ticket! Each virtual ticket applies to your entire household. When purchasing a ticket, please choose the option with the estimated number of people who will be watching the film with you. Don’t worry, each virtual ticket is the same price, no matter how many people are joining you!  Similar to years past, you can purchase one of our Festival Passes or individual film tickets, depending on how many films you intend to watch. A Festival Pass will not only give you a bit more flexibility to watch the film at the time of your choice, but it will also save you some cash. In short, you still need a ticket to enjoy any screening from the 2022 Denver Jewish Film Festival.

All festival tickets & passes go on sale on February 8, at 10:00 am. In-Person tickets only give you access to in-person films, while virtual tickets only give you access to virtual films. You may pre-purchase tickets for all films and viewing options.

Once a film becomes available online, you will have seven days to begin watching the film.  Once a film becomes available, simply visit its unique page in our screenings catalog (or peruse our list of Films A-Z) and click on the “Watch now” button. You’ll be able to enter your credit card information to purchase a ticket (if you have and are signed into an existing Eventive account, your credit card info will already be loaded, so it’s truly a one-click process).

Your ticket (both in-person and virtual) will be sent to your email account. If this is your first time using Eventive, you will also receive a secondary email indicating you should add a password to create an account.

Yes! You may purchase passes and tickets on behalf of another user, one recipient at a time. To gift a pass, please click “Give as a gift” in Pass checkout. To gift a film ticket, click beneath the “Watch now” button in every listing in our screenings catalog. You will be prompted to enter your credit card information (or, if you have and are signed into an existing Eventive account, your credit card info will already be loaded) and the email address of the recipient.

You have options! You may choose to view a film on a compatible web browser for both desktop and handheld devices – compatibility requirements and other technology troubleshooting here. Simply visit a film in our screenings catalog (or peruse our list of Films A-Z) and click on the “Watch now” button to “unlock” the film. Enjoy!

For an optimized viewing experience, we recommend viewing festival films on your television. There are a number of ways to do so, which are also outlined in our “How to Film Fest” guide. Each option begins with “unlocking” a film first. Then:

  • If you are using a laptop, you can connect your laptop to your television with an HDMI cord, which essentially turns your TV into your computer monitor.
  • If you have a Chromecast, you can use your handheld device (phone, tablet, laptop) to “cast” your device’s “unlocked” content to your Smart TV.
  • My personal recommendation: If you have an Apple TV or a Roku, you can access films by downloading the Eventive TV app.
    1. Download the Eventive app. Go to the “search channels” section (or equivalent) on your Roku or Apple TV and search for Eventive, it will come right up.
    2. Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it and log in using your email. It will likely give you a URL to visit and a code to enter, and then your Eventive account will be synched to the smart TV app.
    3. When the festival begins on Feb 8th, use your handheld device or desktop computer to go to our screenings catalog (or peruse our list of Films A-Z) and select the film you would like to view. Click on the purple “Watch now” button to “unlock” the film (this means that the security features recognizing your account credentials are activated). You will be prompted to purchase a ticket or apply your pass to secure a ticket.
    4. Once the film of choice is “unlocked” it will show up automatically in the Eventive app. Simply open the Eventive app and enjoy! You must begin viewing within 7 days of “unlocking” and finish viewing within 2 days of starting.

You can watch our virtual films at any time from March 20 – 29. All, but one, of our films, are available virtually following the in-person festival. You must “unlock” a film  (this means that the security features recognizing your account credentials are activated) in order to watch it, and once you have begun watching, you have 48 hours to complete viewing.

All of our virtual films are restricted to viewers in Colorado. These restrictions are put into place by the distributors of the films during our contract negotiation process. Geographical restrictions help to avoid encroaching on other festivals’ programming across the United States.

Yes! However, there is a key difference this year. In previous years, we offered separate “Audience Choice” awards for different genres of films: narratives, documentaries, shorts, episodic content, etc. This year, in Eventive, you will be able to cast “Audience Choice” ballots per screening versus per film. This means, for any screenings that are comprised of multiple films (e.g. a feature film paired with a short film, or a short film package) your vote is for the overall package. There will be one “Audience Award” at the end of the festival for the single highest-rated package or individual film.

Voting is available both at our in-person and virtual films.
If you watch a film both in-person and virtually, we ask that you only vote for a screening once.

Yes! At this time, the Q&As we have scheduled only apply to our in-person films. However, we are still building out these additional programs. Please keep an eye on our website and catalogue as we get closer to the festival to see which films will have additional programs.

Please view our Refund Policy HERE